25/08/2020 13:41 BST | Updated 25/08/2020 13:55 BST

Selling Sunset: Here's What's Been Happening Since Series 3 Finished Filming

The cameras may have stopped rolling, but there's still been plenty of goings-on with the Oppenheim Group gang.

It’s been more than eight months since filming on the third season of Selling Sunset wrapped, and with coronavirus still making production of TV shows pretty difficult, there’s no news yet on when we’re getting a new series.

However, there’s still plenty of drama going on, despite the cast spending the last few months in lockdown. 

If you’re already missing your fix of the hit Netflix reality series, here’s the tea on what’s been happening since the cameras stopped rolling...

Brett has left the Oppenheim Group

JC Olivera via Getty Images
Jason (left) and Brett Oppenheim 

Oppenheim brothers Jason and Brett have gone their separate ways, with Brett leaving the brokerage to start his own. 

And according to Christine, it could spark a “battle of the brokerages” as it seems as though some agents may be tempted to jump ship. 

In an interview with Glamour, she said: “The girls are fed up with the favouritism of Mary in the office. We don’t know who will move where.”

She then critically teased: “I think season four is going to be the juiciest season ever.”

Chrishell’s ex-husband is reported to be in a new relationship 

Rich Fury via Getty Images
Chrishell with ex-husband Justin Hartley 

Chrishell’s sudden and shock split from husband Justin Hartley was one of the main narratives of season three, but she has faced further heartbreak over the last few months, as he is reported to be in a new relationship.  

Justin and fellow actor Sofia Pernas sparked rumours of romance when they were first spotted together in May. They then set tongues wagging again when Sofia posted a picture on her Instagram Stories of a man holding a cigar and some iced drinks, with a Chicago Bears cap in the background, captioning it: “Easy like Sunday mornin’.”

Justin later posted a picture of himself wearing a Chicago Bears cap in a swimming pool with a dog, captioning it: “Paisley like Sunday mornin’.”

Sofia and Justin posted these respective images on Instagram

The pair first met when they both appeared on US series The Young And The Restless between 2014 to 2016. 

Heather has got engaged

In happier news, Heather is the latest of the Oppenheim crew to get engaged. 

The former Playmate is set to marry Tarek El Moussa, who she began dating between the first and second seasons. 

Heather and Tarek announced their engagement in July, and while he’s yet to make an appearance on Selling Sunset, he’s no stranger to TV, previously starring in estate agent series Flip Or Flop, in which he renovated and sold homes with now ex-wife Christine Anstead. 

Davina and Chrishell have patched things up, apparently

Chrishell and Davina

Davina’s treatment of Chrishell following the breakdown of her marriage has been a hot topic of conversation among fans since series three debuted on Netflix. 

And while a lot of people aren’t too happy with Davina and her defence of Justin, it seems Chrishell has been more forgiving, as Davina has claimed the pair have patched things up. 

She told Metro: “Since I had no information and I was pressed to take a stand. I didn’t mean to defend Justin in any way and not support Chrishell, that was not my intention at all. Just because I’m neutral it does not mean I don’t support her and I absolutely do support her.”

She added: “We’re at a great place. We’re very friendly and we’re texting. There’s no hate, only love. We are a family in the end.”

Amanza and Heather have been hanging out a lot more

By now, we all know that the Oppenheim Group has divided into two distinct camps, but it would appear Heather’s loyalty to Davina, Christine and Maya is lessening.

Despite previously having a tense relationship with Amanza, the pair bonded when they were charged with making over a house together, and it seems their friendship has continued to grow, with Heather pictured hanging out with Amanza, Chrishell and Mary in recent weeks. 

The foursome all shared photos of a day out on a yacht on their respective Instagram accounts, while Heather was also seen in posts from Mary and Chrishell’s joint birthday celebrations.

Christine and Chrishell have serious beef, again

Chrishell and Christine

Christine’s and Chrishell’s feud has been reignited, after the latter revealed she’d blocked the former on Instagram. 

Joining the BBC’s Reality Tea podcast, Chrishell claimed: “It’s one of those things where I think that does come across very childish and ridiculous. But I have the screenshots. She knows why she’s blocked.

“I’m sure she hopes that I never show you guys why she’s blocked, because it would be embarrassing to her. I’m not going to allow her to do that on my social media. So you’re going to come onto my page and bring toxic insults and toxic energy, block.”

Just weeks later, Chrishell was annoyed when Christine spoke about her split from Justin in an interview, claiming that they’d had “communication problems” for a while and had been in therapy prior to his decision to walk out on their marriage. 

A furious Chrishell tweeted: “I just learned Christine is giving press ‘information’ about my divorce. Let me be VERY clear. She knows absolutely nothing about the situation and is obviously desperate to get attention by doing so.”

Christine then told Women’s Health that she and Chrishell “don’t communicate at all”, adding: “I’ve always been trying to mend our relationship, and she doesn’t really seem to want that, so I will respect that we can coexist.”

There are also fractures between Mary and Christine again

Selling Sunset

While Mary and Christine used to be the best of friends, it seems their relationship hasn’t improved since filming stopped. 

Mary admitted she has barely kept in touch with her former BFF, telling the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast: “We’ve grown apart. I mean, I love her, I’ll I always wish her the best, but we’ve just kind of grown apart and it just feels like right now we’re on kind of different paths.

“And since we had finished filming, I haven’t really seen her. She hasn’t come into the office that much. And then corona has kind of kept everyone out of the office.”

Chrishell has sadly lost her mum 

Chrishell revealed some very sad personal news on Instagram in July, after her mother died following a long fight with cancer. 

Sharing a tribute to her late mum, Chrishell said she was “in disbelief” she was gone and had been feeling “just about every emotion”. 

“But I find comfort knowing Dad is up there taking care of you and showing you the ropes like only he could,” she wrote. “There is a peace knowing you two are together again, free from the pain that plagued your time here.

“A free spirit and rebel till the very end. My beautiful Mom, in your own words #FuckCancer.”

Maya’s had her baby

Maya gave birth to her second child – a baby girl – on 21 May. 

She and her partner have named her Elle Madison, and Maya announced her arrival in a video on Instagram shortly after the show’s second season debuted on Netflix. 

“I’m happy to show you my baby girl, Elle,” she said. “We are back home now, and Aiden [her son] is excited, kinda.” 

Davina still hasn’t sold the $75m house

Shutterstock/Oppenheim Group
Davina Potratz hasn't sold the expensive pad

One of the biggest storylines of the last two series has been Davina’s struggle to sell her $75 million (£57m) listing. 

However, she’s still not had any luck shifting the seven-bed, 10-bathroom Beverly Hills property, which belongs to her client Adnan Sen, confirming to Metro she’s still working on it.  

“Adnan is still a client,” she said. “He’s a great client and he’s very well aware that the listing is overpriced, but I think he is open to negotiating and potentially working together more.”