06/06/2018 18:18 BST

'Sex And The City': The Minor Characters We Wish We'd Seen More Of

So many missed opportunities.

Charlotte’s charm, Miranda’s wit, Carrie’s frustrating life choices and Samantha’s… well… Samantha-ness all played their part in keeping ‘Sex And The City’ viewers hooked over its six-series run. But it wasn’t always all about the four central characters.

A revolving door of supporting characters, guests and celebrity cameos helped keep ‘Sex And The City’ fresh and while we were pleased to see the back of some of them, others never got their chance to shine.

Here are just 12 of the minor characters from ‘Sex And The City’ that we’d have liked to have seen more from...

  • Anthony Marantino (Mario Cantone)
    Famous for cutting straight to the point, Anthony's one-liners and quick putdowns made him one of our favourite things about the latter-half of 'Sex And The City', especially his close relationship with Charlotte.
  • Amalita Amalfi (Carole Davis)
    We meet Amalita for the first - and, sadly, only - time in the series one episode 'The Power Of Female Sex', when she buys Carrie a pair of truly ghastly D&G shoes, and then encourages her to get involved with one of her rich European friends.

    Amalita's relationships with men might be questionable to some, but who can honestly say they don't think "Carrrrrrrrrie you are crrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy" repeatedly cropping up - like the 'SATC' answer to Janice from 'Friends' - would have been awesome?
  • Bunny MacDougal (Frances Sternhagen)
    She's a firm believer in firm mattresses and she's also one of our all-time 'SATC' favourites, largely because of her unique quirks, like including wooden mallards in her decorating, forcing people to buy dust ruffles and getting so drunk in the middle of the afternoon that she forgets which end of the cigarette she needs to light.

    Ultimate. Flawless. Queen.
  • Enid (Candice Bergen)
    Enid (Candice Bergen)
    New Line/Everett/REX
    Carrie Bradshaw's editor at Vogue was one of the few people who didn't mind putting Carrie in her place, which - to brutally be honest - we think she could have done with a lot more of during the course of series five and six.
  • Louise from St. Louis (Jennifer Hudson)
    Louise from St. Louis (Jennifer Hudson)
    New Line/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock
    "Ain't nothing for you in there," Louise bluntly tells a removal man whose gaze lingers a bit too long around her decolletage, during the first big screen adaptation.

    It's a fabulous moment that shows there's more to Louise than her fairly naive search for love and shows the audience that the person Carrie's placed in charge of her life for the foreseeable future is going to be able to take charge.

    We really do think it's a pity Louise wasn't back for the second film, but then if we sat down and listed every 'pity' of the second film we'd be here a while...
  • Bitsy Von Muffling (Julie Halston)
    We love a bit of dysfunction, so the surprise wedding of Bobby Fine (Nathan Lane) and Bitsy Von Muffling at the end of series five made for one of our favourite 'SATC' episodes.

    What you might not know is that Bitsy made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in the first 'SATC' film, where she sits with other guests at Carrie and Mr Big's wedding reception.
  • Dr Robert Leeds (Blair Underwood)
    Dr Robert Leeds (Blair Underwood)
    He was too perfect. That is all. 
  • Susan Sharon
    Susan Sharon loved to talk and, unlike everyone around her, we loved to hear her. Unlike most minor characters, we did meet Susan Sharon for a second time, years after her first appearance, when she was sporting a newly blonde 'do.

    The character was great, but we'd have loved to meeting her more times - and she could have been shown sporting a different hairstyle each time, culminating in her giving Carrie a tearful goodbye as she left in a cab. And a clown wig.
  • Phoebe Kittenworth (Geri Halliwell)
    Geri's cameo in 'Sex And The City' lasted just over 20 seconds, yet her excited cry of "SAMANTHA JONES!!" is surely one of the most quoted moments of the entire series.

    Her brief appearance left us with many questions, which we'll sadly never know the answer to now. Who is Phoebe? Where does she work? Who is that man she's with? How does she know Samantha? Why does she struggle to do a British accent even though she's literally British?
  • Courtney and Lily (Amy Sedaris and Molly Shannon)
    Courtney and Lily (Amy Sedaris and Molly Shannon)
    "I'm drinking a Cosmopolitan with the woman who wrote about Cosmopolitans."

    Characters like Courtney and Lily - Carrie's fans, as well as her book editors - remind us that Carrie has not just a job, but actual influence in the 'SATC' universe and doesn't just run around New York all day buying shoes and looking wistfully out of the window.

    Aside from that, Courtney and Lily bring a bit of normality to a show which, by the time they'd arrived, had become slightly unrelatable to those of us who couldn't quite afford the girls' lifestyle.
  • Claire Anne (Jane Summerhays)
    Samantha meets her 'frenemy', Claire Anne, in the third series and while they initially hit it off, it becomes clear that Claire Anne is even too much for Samantha.

    We're surprised producers let it end there as we'd have liked to see them competing - for a pashmina, as the famously did, or for men - for an entire story arc. Mainly for Claire Anne's fabulous Southern accent.
  • Lexi Featherston (Kristen Johnston)
    Why were we only introduced to the fabulous Lexi Featherston in the moments before her tragic demise?

    She and Carrie are supposed to have been old friends, so why is it we only meet her on the day she lingers too close to a window and falls to her death?

    If 'Sex And The City 3' were to somehow end up happening, we'd set up a change.org petition, demanding there's at least one throwback scene to when Lexi was still alive, so we can learn a little bit more about this fabulous, though flawed, trash queen.
  • Sister Anne Marie (Julia Sweeney
    Sister Anne Marie (Julia Sweeney
    Samantha makes an unlikely alliance with Sister Anne Marie while trying to find herself an appointment for chemotherapy at the top doctor in town.

    When she finally succeeds, she makes sure her new friend can get an appointment too, though sadly we never find out how her story ends. This is a shame, as we were hoping the pair would go to become BFFs, eventually getting their own spin-off series where they move in together, and possibly solve crimes, with each episode ending in a musical number. Maybe that's just us, though...
  • Liza Minnelli
    Just because.