01/08/2017 15:48 BST | Updated 01/08/2017 21:29 BST

Who Is Shaun Williamson? Here's What The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Star Has Been Up To Since His ‘Barry From EastEnders’ Days

We refuse to believe it's been over a decade since he left Albert Square.

It’s been almost 14 years since Shaun Williamson left Walford behind but, let’s be honest, most of us still call him “Barry from ‘EastEnders’”.

The actor was killed off in one of the soap’s most iconic scenes back in 2004, when his wife Janine pushed him off a cliff in Scotland, and while this is what many of us remember for him, Shaun’s career doesn’t begin and end in Albert Square.

In actual fact, he’s landed a number of other roles in the years since bowing out, while also dabbling in reality TV.

Here’s what else he’s been up to…

Shaun was shot out of a cannon in ‘Casualty’ (February 2017)


One of his most recent TV appearances saw Shaun playing daredevil Terry in the BBC medical drama. Obviously it didn’t end well - not a huge shocker, we know - and Terry was left needing medical treatment. Naturally, his appearance delighted TV fans

‘Celebrity Fame Academy’ (2007)

Ah, ‘Fame Academy’. Those were the days. Shaun came third in the series, which raised money for Comic Relief, ultimately losing out to Tricia Penrose and Tara Palmer Tomkinson, who came second and first respectively.

Now, we can’t find a video from ‘Fame Academy’, which is a travesty, but here’s Shaun singing at a bowls tournament in 2014 instead. Why? We have no idea. Just enjoy it, ok?

Shaun’s ‘Extras’ role was gold (2005-2007)

Shortly after leaving ‘EastEnders’, the actor began playing a caricature of himself in Ricky Gervais’s comedy.

He’s become a theatre pro

Shaun has trod the boards in a number of stage productions, landing roles in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ (2003-04) and ‘Guys And Dolls’ (2004).

He’s also no stranger to the panto circuit, landing roles in productions including ‘Dick Whittington’ (2006) and ‘Aladdin’ (2007-08).

Let’s talk about the Daz adverts (2012) 

Remember these? Shaun played a diver in the - quite frankly, iconic - Daz ‘Cleaner Close’ adverts.

In his clip, decathlete Daley Thompson tries to convince Shaun’s character to compete in the sport for Team GB.

He’s had three different roles in ‘Doctors’ (2008-2014)

‘EastEnders’ probably wouldn’t get away with having the same actor playing a different person in each of their appearances but on daytime soap ‘Doctors’, it appears that isn’t a problem.

In 2008, he played Bob Robbins, before a star turn as Walter Twiddle in 2011 and finally, an outing as Roy Marlin in 2014.

Shaun wrote a film, ‘This Is Jayde: One Hit Wonder’ (2015)

Shaun’s feature film, in which he also stars as a “twisted Simon Cowell version of myself”, alongside fellow writer and actor Mark Joyce.

He sang at President Donald Trump’s inauguration (2017)

Yes, we’ve saved the best for last. We clearly weren’t the only ones left in awe of Shaun’s performance at the bowls, as one Twitter user had the bright idea of splicing it together with footage from Trump’s inauguration.

And yes, those fake subtitles do refer to him as Barry. See what we mean?