This One Shower Habit Could Be Adding £100 To Your Energy Bill Every Year

These common energy mistakes could be costing you big bucks on your bills.
Ready, set, SHOWER.
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Ready, set, SHOWER.

A new study has revealed the common energy-wasting mistakes we’re making that are adding hundreds to our bills - and it’s bad news for people who love a long hot shower.

The research by ElectricalDirect, a retailer of electrical products, surveyed Brits across the country and found that 29% of us are adding an unnecessary £95 to our bills by showering for more than four minutes.

Yup – warming up by staying in the shower for longer may be relaxing, but it’ll add to your energy bill stresses.

Long showers can drain your hot water heater, meaning energy is required to reheat a new tank – limiting showers to just four minutes, perhaps by using a timer, can save both energy and water.

The research also found that the most common mistake Brits make is to manually control their heating, rather than using a timer.

Almost half of Brits (46%) say they don’t schedule their heating, meaning energy could be being used when it’s not needed, like at night or when no-one is home – this could add up to an eye-watering £156 onto your bills every year.

Meanwhile, one in five Brits say that they like to doze off with the TV on, but while you’re sleeping, energy is being wasted – costing you up to £48 extra a year.

Still need background noise to doze off? Use the sleep mode on your monitor so that you can still snooze, but the TV won’t remain on all night.

Dominick Sandford, managing director at ElectricalDirect, said: “With the energy price cap rising by 80% in October, and average bills reaching record levels, households across the UK will be looking to save money wherever they can.

“The purpose of our research was to highlight the everyday behaviours that are costing people money, perhaps without them realising, and showing how simple changes can lead to significant savings.”

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