27/02/2017 11:16 GMT

People Reveal The Telltale Signs That Their Partner Was Cheating

'Sleeping with her phone under her pillow.'

We all want to think the best of our partners, but sometimes, you can’t shake the feeling something isn’t quite right in your relationship. 

On Reddit, people have been sharing the telltale signs that made them finally realise their partner was cheating on them.

The common theme among them? A sudden, unexplained change in their partner’s behaviour.

Of course, if you spot one of these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is being unfaithful. 

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1. “If you haven’t changed your behaviour at all but suddenly they are paranoid and accusing you [of] cheating.”


2. “Being edgy or secretive about their phone calls.”


3. “I knew she was probably cheating on me when she all of sudden accused me of being clingy when I gave her a lot of space and less contact.”



4. “She had a different brand of rubber in her purse, we hadn’t used a condom in months.”


5. “The one I remember was sleeping with her phone under her pillow, even when plugged in to charge.”



6. “For me, I could tell he was growing increasingly distant. He would tell me I wasn’t putting the effort into our relationship, but when I tried to be more attentive and loving, he would withdraw.”



7. “Sudden, unexplained changes in hygiene, grooming, and personal fitness.”



8. “They talk about that person a lot. They go to see them when they said they couldn’t be out that night. They put that person over you.”



9. “My high school boyfriend never saved phone numbers into his phone. He claimed he was just ‘too lazy.’ Turns out the unsaved numbers belonged to his many, many side girls.”



10. “A real easy one is they come home and immediately hit the shower, but it’s not hot and they didn’t hit the gym or do anything strenuous.”



11. “She’s sitting around on her phone and when you sit next to her she immediately changes positions so you can’t see her screen.”


12. “I went over to his place one day and noticed that he had put away/hidden any sign of me there - earrings taken off the nightstand, shampoo taken out of the shower and hidden in the cupboard.”



13. “When their friends and close family won’t look you in the eye any more. They know, but are in the awkward position of either doing the right thing or keeping quiet - and they’ve chosen to stay quiet.”

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14. “From my experience, finding more reasons to be mad at you and blame you for things. He was getting so upset any time I made small mistakes to make our failed relationship my fault.”


15. “When people tell you that they think your partner is cheating.”


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