29/10/2020 13:55 GMT

BBC News' Simon McCoy Has Savage Dig At Family's Covid-Friendly Halloween Solution

"Simon McCoy never fails to make me smile," one viewer tweeted.

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy has earned quite a following with his often-sarcastic broadcasting style, and left fans howling with his typically dry response to a Halloween story on Wednesday. 

The presenter made a savage dig at a family who had developed a Covid-friendly device to deliver sweets to Trick Or Treaters on 31 October.

The “Candy Chute” involved a drainpipe being connected to the family’s front door, which they were able to shove packets of sweets down to any door knockers, thus compiling with social distancing guidelines. 

Simon McCoy appeared not to be a fan of this Covid-friendly Halloween device featured on BBC News

Simon appeared less than impressed, however, remarking: “The transaction is entirely contactless... As will be her social life.”

BBC News viewers were absolutely loving his sassy response...

Simon’s unique take on certain news stories have made headlines of their own on a number of occasions over the years. 

In 2013, he reported on the upcoming birth of Prince George saying: “Plenty more to come from here... none of it news.”

He also provided some first-rate dead-pan narration over footage from the World Dog Surfing Championships in California, which ended with him declaring: “That’s a shame, we have run out of pictures.”

And, of course, let’s not forget the time he appeared live on air holding a pack of paper instead of an iPad.