18/10/2016 21:57 BST | Updated 18/10/2016 22:01 BST

A Man Attached A Flying Skeleton To A Drone And People Went Nuts

The spooky stunt sparked both terror and laughs. 👻

Zac Crueger
A Wisconsin man was seen having a ball in his neighborhood after attaching a ghost to his drone last week.

There are tons of ways to scare people this Halloween season, so why wait until the big day?

A northern Wisconsin man has been having a ball in his neighborhood by attaching a terrifying skeleton-ghost doll to a drone and flying it above his neighbors’ heads.

The dummy, which features a raggedy black cloak and chains, seems to have caused a ruckus on both land and social media.

Zac Crueger, who uploaded pictures of the trick to Twitter on Sunday, credited his uncle with carrying out the stunt.

“My uncle, knowing him, had a spur of the moment idea and went with it,” Crueger told The Huffington Post by email Tuesday.

Zac Crueger
The spooky prank involved a fake skeleton ghost with chains and a raggedly black cloak.

Crueger confessed that the ghostly gag scared some neighbors, but said it had been done “all in good fun.”

“He’s an outside of the box kinda guy so it doesn’t surprise me that he did this,” he said of his uncle. “It does surprise me at how much it’s blown up!”

The tweet with the photos had been viewed more than 9.1 million times by Tuesday morning, according to a screenshot of Crueger’s Twitter analytics that he shared with HuffPost. 

There isn’t a video of the spooky display yet, but Crueger said one is in the works.

What’s almost as hilarious as the photos, however, are some of the reactions from people online ― many of which point out the ghost’s resemblance to the demonic dementors featured in “Harry Potter.”

Check out some of the responses below: