Sleep Tips: If You're Struggling To Drift Off, Try These Weird And Wonderful Tips From Reddit

Time to stack those 💤

Sometimes it can be really, really hard to get to sleep.

There are a gazillion thoughts racing through your mind, you can’t get comfortable and your brain has taken to taunting you about that big work presentation you’ve got coming up.

For those who do struggle to sleep on a regular basis, the knowledgable people of Reddit have shared their top tips for drifting off.

Maxim Chuvashov via Getty Images

Make Up A Story

Love Thy Self

Put On A Movie You’ve Seen A Billion Times

Count Backwards

Control Your Breathing

Spoon Someone

Do A Relaxation Exercise

Try Special Nighttime Tea

Think ‘Visually Instead Of Verbally’

Read A Book And Listen To Rainfall

Try A Binaural Beats App

Play The Celebrity Name Game

Imagine A White Wall

Switch Up Your Sleeping Position