14/07/2017 12:21 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 12:54 BST

Slime Eels: Truck Carrying 3,400kg Of Hagfish Overturns On Oregon Highway

You've been slimed.

When things appear in places where they ought not to be, it can cause consternation.

Hence when 3,400kg of live eels were splattered across an Oregon highway, it was somewhat disquieting.

For this is exactly what occurred on Highway 101 on Thursday, leaving the road a wriggling mass of invertebrates* which began producing huge quantities of highly condensed slime made up of mucus and thread in their distress.

Oregon Police
When slime eels and vehicles collide 
Oregon Police
The eels were on route to Korea where they are considered a delicacy 

[*The organisms in the truck were actually hagfish –eel-shaped, slime-producing fish with a skull but confusingly no vertebral column. For the purposes of this story we shall refer to them as eels.]

According to the Oregonian the truck transporting the eels – en route to Korea where they are a delicacy - had come across unexpected construction works, losing its load and causing a five-car crash, dousing the road and nearby vehicles in copious amounts of eels and slime.

As the Oregon State Police quipped in its Facebook post “We’ve been slimed.”

Minor injuries were reported and the highway remained closed as the eels were scooped up and removed from the scene.

Oregon Police
The road was closed while the eels were collected and removed from the scene 
Oregon Police
Hagfish have a skull but no vertebrae