You Should Never Get A Piercing Here, According To A Professional Piercer

Some piercing studios refuse to do it.

‘Snake eyes’ tongue piercings should be avoided, due to the high risks, a professional piercer has warned.

TJ Cantwell, from Studio 28 in NYC, told Bustle it’s the one piercing the studio refuse to do as it’s “incredibly unsafe”.

It may look like two separate piercings, but the ‘snake eyes’ style is actually a curved barbell inserted horizontally through the tip of the tongue.

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According to Cantwell, the piercing binds the two muscles that make up the tongue so that they can’t move independently.

It could also cause you some serious dental issues, as the barbell rests on the back of the teeth.

“It is almost guaranteed that the client will see gum erosion, cracking/chipping of the teeth, and migration/rejection of the piercing leaving a nasty looking scar,” Cantwell added.

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To read more about the possible risks of body piercing, visit the NHS website.

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