23/03/2017 12:19 GMT

Clever Cat Is Absolutely Bossing It When It Comes To The Cup And Ball Trick

Someone give him a medal.

Stop everything. The cat version of Sherlock Holmes exists and his powers of deduction are next to none. 

Snow, the intelligent (and not to mention adorable) feline, is a dab hand paw at the old cup and ball trick.  

The cat, an American curl breed residing in Tokyo, is able to follow the correct cup with the ball placed underneath it, even when his owner switches it among other empty cups.

The young feline places its paw on the cup to knock it over, revealing the yellow ball underneath. And amazingly he gets it right every damn time.

Snow’s owner regularly shares photos and videos of her beloved cat on Instagram. However the clips of him nonchalantly showing off his incredible party trick are by far the most popular, leaving many people in awe.

Snow, next time you’re in Vegas, look us up.