So What Would Life On Mars Actually Be Like?

Who would be in charge? How would you pay for things?

Following Elon Musk’s ambitious plan to start a colony on Mars, it seems logical to then wonder what life would actually be like.

Who would be in charge? Which country would take responsibility? What if someone committed a crime on Mars?


While these questions are a long way off, they’re no longer just hypotheticals. Within 100 years it seems almost entirely certain that they will need to be answered.

Thankfully newsy are on hand and have created this rather helpful explainer which outlines the laws that are currently in place for Mars colonists and how Musk’s own vision would pan out.

Sylphe_7 via Getty Images

As he sees it, Mars should be its own democracy which means it would be almost entirely independent from Earth rule.

Current NATO agreements however state that no single country or person can claim individual ownership of a planet in the Solar System. Instead they would be shared out and owned by humanity as a whole.

Check out the video above to find out more....

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