Soap Spin-Offs: The Shows We Need To See On TV

It's fair to say 'EastEnders spin-off 'Redwater' has inspired us.

We’re as excited as everyone else for the ‘EastEnders’ spin-off ‘Redwater’, which will see Kat Moon hunt for her long lost son in Ireland.

But it’s also got us thinking - why don’t soap bosses plot shows like this more often?

It’s not like there aren’t plenty of opportunities to do, given the frequency at which our favourite characters find themselves fleeing town, getting locked up, or in need of a mini-break.

With this in mind, we’ve done TV bosses a favour, and have five soap spin-off ideas that would definitely have millions of viewers tuning in...

1. 'Branning Behind Bars'
BBC/Huffington Post UK
Wrongly convicted for murder, with nobody on his side, a jailed Max Branning is in turmoil. As prison life grinds him down, Max realises he needs a plan and reaches out to the one woman capable of helping him: Tanya. But will she respond to his cry for help? Or will she just turn up and ask how Adam is instead?
2. 'Carry On Corrie'
ITV/Huffington Post UK
Life on’t cobbles isn’t always easy, and everyone deserves a break every so often. When Norris Cole, Rita Sullivan and Emily Bishop spot an offer for a beach break with Warner’s, it’s a prospect too good to turn down. Cue more than a few ‘99s and a touch of seaside sauciness.
3. 'Valerie Does...'
ITV/Huffington Post UK
After spotting the chance to fake her death in the Dales, Valerie Pollard embarks on new adventures. Everything Chelsea Handler can do, she does better. Who needs Silicon Valley when you can travel into Space?
4. 'Neighbours: After Dark'
Network 10/Huff Post UK
Ramsey Street may seen like one of the most idyllic residences Down Under - well, Lassiter’s explosion aside - but as the clock ticks past sunset, everything changes. The polite neighbourhood barbecues and council meetings are out, and wild parties are in. You’ll never look at Dr Karl in the same way again.
5. 'Make America Great Again'
Move over, Ann Perkins. Leslie Knope has a new BFF. Yes, it’s her running mate for 2020’s presidential race, Sally Webster. It’ll obviously take someone serious about politics, with experience in local government, to defeat Kanye West. With this in mind, the formidable duo embark on their bid for the Oval Office.