26/06/2017 15:53 BST | Updated 26/06/2017 21:48 BST

Someone Put Theresa May In The Lead Role In The Holy Grail And The Internet Has Gone Mad

Let's hope they don't taunt her a second time.

Theresa May has put in a stellar lead role performance - in a new version of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.

The internet has been enjoying the spoof - put together by Australia’s national broadcaster ABC - which depicts the PM as King Arthur in the cult film. 

It includes a collection of all of her best soundbites from the general election - including her shock confession about running through fields of wheat as a child.

While many Twitter users said it had brought some cheer to their Monday morning, former Labour spinner Alastair Campbell said it was evidence of the UK’s shaky position on the international stage. 

The video also pokes fun at the Tories’ newly-struck deal with the DUP (“We demand a shrubbery”) and there are cameo appearances for French President Emmanuel Macron and foreign secretary Boris Johnson - who appears in the guise of an ominous dragon.

An exasperated commoner takes on the role of election-fatigued Brenda From Bristol: “Do your worst”; and even Lord Buckethead - the talk of Theresa May’s Maidenhead count on election night - makes an appearance as the infamous Black Knight. 

Fans of the clip have requested the Australian broadcaster do a follow-up Life Of Jezza - but whether there will be a sequel remains to be seen.