Can You Spot The Dog Hidden In The Kitchen?

Procrastination at its finest.

A photo of a seemingly ordinary kitchen has left the internet baffled - thanks to a figure hidden within it.

The photo, reportedly shared on Facebook by Christina Suvo, looks like an empty kitchen at first glance.

But look a little closer and you might spot a very well-camouflaged dog.

The photo has been shared by various news outlets on Facebook, with hundreds of people commenting on it.

Some people can’t find the dog at all, while others claim they have.

For those who are still struggling, we’ll put you out of your misery - apparently there’s a black dog hidden on the mat. (We say ‘apparently’ because we’re still finding it hard to see it.)

James Stewart was straight in there with the answer: “Carpet.” While Juan Romero Smit added:Found it! Easy, probably a labrador, can I say the colour? Too many clues already.”

Michael James wrote: “Maybe if the image was slightly better than 16 pixels it would be a bit more obvious.”

There were a lot of people, though, who just couldn’t spot it.

Bev Burgess commented: “No. Put me out of my misery.” Vicki Kay added: “No I can’t see it either.”

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