17/12/2018 13:55 GMT | Updated 18/12/2018 09:01 GMT

What Should 'Strictly Come Dancing' Winner Stacey Dooley Do Next? We've Got Some Ideas...

She could surely have her pick of jobs.

Having fronted over 60 hard-hitting documentaries on everything from the rise of the far right to child exploitation, Stacey Dooley doesn’t exactly need a hand when it comes to her TV career. 

But regardless of whether she needs it or not, winning ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ could give the journalist and presenter countless new opportunities and the job offers are probably flooding in as we speak. 

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Stacey Dooley triumphed in Saturday's 'Strictly' final 

Which ones should she accept, though? And where could we see her popping up in the coming months?

She’s already denied she’s covering Alex Jones’ maternity leave on ‘The One Show’, but here are our hopes for what Stacey does next... 

Move Over To Primetime

This is an obvious one that the BBC are surely making happen. 

Stacey’s BBC Three documentaries often get a late-night airing on BBC One, but we think it’s about time she took centre stage with a decent slot on the channel.

A Travel Show With Kevin

Stacey and Kevin’s friendship was one of the best bits of this year’s ‘Strictly’, and in the final, they both admitted how gutted they are to be parting ways.

The perfect remedy for this would be if they stuck together for just a little bit longer, and after their brilliant Grimsby and Blackpool-themed dances, we reckon a UK-based travel show could just fit the bill. Though maybe with some slightly more glam locations?

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Stacey and Kevin during a break from training 

Replace Piers Morgan On ‘Good Morning Britain’

She’s smart, funny and capable of seeing both sides of an argument. We’re not saying Stacey is everything Piers isn’t, but let’s just say he struggles to exude at least one of those attributes.

Susanna Reid can stay (obviously) and together with her, Stacey could bring a great sense of calm to the show, while still asking all the hard-hitting questions. And besides, it’s about time we had an all-female breakfast show team.

Release A Sustainable Fashion Range

It’s been over 10 years since the BBC discovered Stacey by casting her for ‘Blood, Sweat And Tears’, a documentary series that took six fashion conscious women to India to learn where their clothes actually come from.

Stacey soon became one of its standout stars and began working as a presenter on her own BBC films, revisiting fast fashion and sustainable alternatives in a number of them.

On ‘Strictly’, we got a tiny glimpse of her own personal style in VTs, training videos and ’It Takes Two appearances and we liked what we saw, so we’d be all for Stacey lining up a deal with a eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brand to release her own range. And yes, it’d be great if the clothes featured more than a few sequins. 

Present ‘It Takes Two’ if Zoe Ball Leaves

Rumour has it, Zoe could step down from hosting the ‘Strictly’ spin-off when she takes over the Radio 2 Breakfast Show next year. While we’d be devastated to see her go, ‘Strictly’ winner Stacey would be the perfect replacement - bringing her own presenting style to the show rather than doing an impression of Zoe.

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