Stacey Solomon's Face Trying On Wedding Dresses (For Fun) Is All Of Us

'She would make a beautiful bride.'

Stacey Solomon posted a hilarious video on Instagram of her trying on dresses for an upcoming event.

The presenter and mother-of-two soon ditched the elegant evening wear in favour of trying on a striking wedding dress from Suzanne Neville.

The beautiful (pretend) bride was clearly delighted with the lacy white dress, gushing: “Oh, my God. I’m gonna cry! I was born to wear this dress.”

The fun continued as an assistant brought Solomon a veil and diamante hairband to complete the look.

Ecstatic, Solomon turned to the video and asked: “Why aren’t wedding dresses going out dresses?” Good question.

She also made it clear that she was not getting married in the caption of her Instagram post. But her love for that dress was real, because Solomon also shared it on Twitter.

The singer suggested we should be able to wear wedding dresses as day wear - as either casual dresses or just around the house.

Again, she turned to the screen and asked: “So who makes the rules? Is it okay to go out dressed like this? I say yes.”

The post was liked more than 230,000 times with fans gushing over how wonderful she looked.

One fan commented: “Come on Joe hurry up and ask Stacey to marry you. She would make a beautiful bride. 😊 😊 😊”

We couldn’t agree more.