10 Tweets That Sum Up Having An Argument With A Teenager

Doors will get slammed.

Teenage arguments are a milestone, a rite of passage that (unfortunately) every parent has to experience.

They want to rebel, and you just want them to do their homework and clean their room more than once a year.

Although you might pull your hair out at the time, these parents are learning to see the funny side.

After all, you’ve still got a few more years till they move out so you might as well make the most of it while it lasts...

1. It always starts over something pointless.

2. You wonder what you did to deserve this today.

3 . It quickly moves on to how hard life is as a teenager.

4. And how you couldn’t possibly understand them.

5. A door gets slammed.

6. Your competency as a parent is questioned.

7. You long for the days of being the teenager, not the parent.

8. They storm off and you go back to cooking their dinner/washing their clothes/keeping them alive.

9. And you can forget an apology.

10. Let’s face it, you’re never getting rid of them.

Andrew Keegan

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