12 Stages Of The Morning After Sex The Night Before (Mainly Just Social Awkwardness)

At least we used a condom. Or did we?

So. You had 🍆🍆🍆, now it is morning and that means a lot of awkward shuffling.

We wish we were more mature but it’s this every time.

1. Waking up and realising you’re not in your own bed.

2. And you’re naked. So naked.

3. Now where’s my underwear?

4. Ah yes, right there next to the shrivelled condom.

5. Wondering what to do about breakfast - does cooking eggs give off a weird vibe?

6. That is probably the least of your worries because now you can’t even remember their name....

7. OK now the hangover is kicking in.

8. Fuck breakfast. I need a paracetamol. Time to go.

9. Uh-oh. I think they want to have sex again. But they haven’t even brushed their teeth or washed their genitals.

10. Note to self, sober pillow talk not as sexy as drunk flirting.

11. Really want to leave but must avoid bumping into their housemates at all costs.

12. Vow to not do this again anytime soon...well until the next time.