31/03/2017 12:40 BST | Updated 31/03/2017 12:41 BST

Colin Furze Built A 100MPH Bumper Car For The Stig And It's Glorious


From high voltage ejector beds to homemade hoverbikes, YouTube inventor Colin Furze has come up with some pretty inspired designs over the years.

But the latest might just be his best yet.

In a new YouTube video, Furze unveils a bumper car that can travel at speeds of up to 100mph. 

The car, which has a 600cc engine that packs 100bhp, was commissioned by the BBC motoring show Top Gear to be driven by the Stig.

In the clip above, he breaks the world record for the fastest ever bumper car, hitting 107 mph. It looks equal parts thrilling and terrifying.

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