'Stranger Things' Season 3 Details Teased By Producer Shawn Levy

Get ready for the timeline to jump ahead.

‘Stranger Things’ producer Shawn Levy has teased the show’s fans with new information about the upcoming series.

Shawn has disclosed that series three will pick up the story a year on from when we last saw the ‘Stranger Things’ characters, taking place during the summer of 1985.

He also revealed that of the show’s teenage characters, Eleven and Mike will be in a relationship, as will Lucas and Max, after both pairs were seen sharing their first kiss at the Snow Ball.

During a panel discussion later that day, he added that Steve would be stepping into the spotlight, after his paternal relationship with Dustin Henderson became a favourite minor plotline among ‘Stranger Things’ fans.

<strong>The 'Stranger Things' cast</strong>
The 'Stranger Things' cast

It was previously revealed that Lucas’s sister Erica (played by Priah Ferguson), would be taking on more of an important role in the third series, having won over fans with her one-liners and putdowns in ‘Stranger Things 2’.

Maya Thurman-Hawke, who previously starred in ‘Little Women’ over the festive season, will also be joining the cast.

There’s no release date for ‘Stranger Things 3’ yet, but Shawn Levy added at PaleyFest that production will begin next month.