Women Reveal The Weirdest Places They've Been Catcalled

When will it end?! 😒

Joanna Lumley may take wolf-whistling as a “compliment” but for a lot of women catcalling is, at best, annoying and at worst, intimidating.

In fact, 85% of women aged 18-24 have experienced unwanted sexual attention and 45% have experienced unwanted sexual touching.

To highlight just how normalised it is in society, we asked a handful of women to reveal the weirdest and most bizarre situations in which they’d been catcalled.

The responses prove that no matter what situation women are in, they’ll almost always be subjected to unwanted remarks.

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1. Perusing Bin Bags In Tesco

“You’re a bit of alright.”

2. Taking The Cat Home From The Vets

“I don’t know which is cuter.”

3. Crossing A Busy Road

“I’d eat you.”

4. Picking Up Weights In The Gym

“You can stay bent down if you like.”

5. Walking To Work At 7am

“Do you always look this beautiful in the morning?”

6. Carrying A Drum Up An Escalator

“Play us a tune, love.”

7. Studying In The Library

“Give me your number.”

8. Squeezing Past A Bike Rack

“Would you like to ride me instead?”

9. Walking Home From School

“Ooh I love a girl in uniform.”

10. Cycling To Work

“Lucky saddle you got there.”

11. Travelling On A Ferry

“I’d give you one.”

Catcalling fiends, we have a message for you...

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