13/02/2017 14:08 GMT | Updated 15/02/2017 12:03 GMT

'Stray' Cat Takes Over Local Branch Of Wilko

George has found the purr-fect hang out.

Thomas Muir
Meet George, the Wilko cat

A branch of Wilko (formerly Wilkinson) has found the purr-fect way to attract new customers - by making a ‘stray’ cat feel at home.

George the tabby has certainly been feline fine after hanging out in pretty much every department of the shop in Kings Chase Shopping Centre, Bristol.


Thanks to his new-found fame people have the paw-some reason to go out of their way to come into the store and see him.

For some of them, like 22-month-old Noah, George is a welcome surprise.

Rhiannon Robbins-Hill
Gorgeous George

The toddler’s mum Rhiannon Robbins-Hill, 31, from Kingswood, told HuffPost UK: “We’ve never seen him in Wilko before so it was a complete surprise.

“We overheard some customers say ‘oh that’s George’ and he seemed so friendly.

“Noah spent a good while stroking him and even gave him a few kisses.”

Rhiannon Robbins-Hill
Too cute

The tabby cat was originally thought to be a stray after people shared photos of him on a Facebook group for lost and found pets a few months ago.

Friends Sarah Fowler and Michelle Pibworth, who run the group set up another group for George, which helped find his owner.

Even though it has been confirmed George has an owner, people are now using the group to share pictures of him, proving he is top cat.

Here he is resting on some cat litter.

Hayley Stowey
No littering

Here’s George is taking a catnap on some blocks of suet.

Donna Powell
Suet dreams, George

And here he is staking his claim on the dog treats. We all know cats love boxes.

Julia Martin
A cat amongst the dog treats

George was also spotted in the cleaning aisle.

Tina Morgan
Keeping clean

And hidden in the crockery section.

Tina Morgan
12 piece dinner set and George the cat

Other photos on the group show the cheeky feline in other departments including carpets and toys.

Mrs Pibworth, 42, a mum-of-three, told the HuffPost UK: “He was only thought of as a stray as he was outside so much and seen so often at Wilkinsons.

“Luckily after posting on many local groups, a friend of owner came forward saying she knew the owner and subsequently added her to the group.”

Sheri Matthews
'I have a home'

Since George’s owner came forward, the cat now comes with an in-store sign: “Please do not feed me. I have a home and well fed.”

Miss Fowler, 41, from Bradley Stoke, said George has reportedly also tried his luck getting in other local shops - but it seems he is most welcome in Wilko.

Cat food, cushions, cardboard boxes: what more could a cat need?

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