20/09/2017 16:54 BST

‘Strictly Come Dancing’: Will Young Has His Say On Same-Sex Couples Debate

'I didn’t try and pretend that I wanted to screw her, I was just taking on the character.'

Will Young has become the latest star to share his thoughts on the current debate over whether it’s about time ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ featured same-sex couples.

The singer, who took part in the 2016 series of ‘Strictly’, has echoed comments previously made by Judge Rinder, claiming he’d have found it “insulting” if bosses had told him to partner with a man because he’s gay.

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Three weeks into the 2016 series of 'Strictly', Will decided to quit

Speaking on the latest episode of his Homo Sapiens podcast, he said: “You’re occupying your male sexuality whether that is gay or not.

“When I danced with my partner Karen [Clifton], we did the Tango to David Bowie – it was our first dance. I bloody loved it. It was all about a connection.

“I didn’t try and pretend that I wanted to screw her, I was just taking on the character.”

He continued: “And I think actually I would find it more insulting if someone was like, ‘You’ve got to dance with a man because you’re gay’. It’s the same as acting, it’s like, ‘no, I don’t’.

“I loved being close to a woman. I was like, ‘This is great’. And she’s a lot lighter to lift than a man – I mean I could not have done that Bollywood Salsa with a man who’s 13 stone.”

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Susan will strut her stuff in the first 'Strictly' live show of the year on Saturday 

The debate hit headlines again when Susan Calman was recently forced to speak out on her decision to dance with man, rather than a woman.

Susan, who is married to a woman, expressed her frustration at having to defend her choice, stating: “I think what annoyed me slightly is that I seem to be getting it in the neck.

“Will Young didn’t get it, Judge Rinder didn’t get it, [fellow 2017 competitor] Richard Coles isn’t getting it.

“It seems to me as a woman, he’s not getting it the same way I am. And for me to be getting it is, I think, unfair.”

Judge Rinder then shared how he felt when he was quizzed on the topic ahead of his 2016 ‘Strictly’ stint:

It was the first question I was asked by everybody and my immediate, serious and thoughtful reaction was... don’t be absurd,” he told Lorraine Kelly earlier this week

“Nobody was asking me to get married to my partner or engage in any sort of geography with her – that’s probably the worst euphemism but you get the sense. They just wanted me to dance with her.”

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