Shaun Ryder Slams 'Strictly Come Dancing', As He Reveals Why He Turned Down Offer

He's got no interest in 'going on and dancing like a t***', apparently.

Shaun Ryder has revealed his reasons for turning down an offer to appear on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The Happy Mondays singer has claimed that BBC bosses had been hoping to cast him on the celebrity dancing show, though he refused them flat, claiming he didn’t want to look like “a twat” on the television.

<strong>Shaun Ryder</strong>
Shaun Ryder
Burak Cingi via Getty Images

Straight to the point as ever, Shaun told BANG! Showbiz: “I got asked to do ‘Strictly’. The problem with ‘Strictly’ is it doesn’t really do anything for you, does it?”

Tell that to Ed Balls, Shaun.

He continued: “You go on and you dance like a twat, right? And then you stand there while some c*** tells you how bad you are and what a wanker you are.”

Shaun does have a reality TV past, finishing in second place in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ way back in 2010, but also insisted that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ wouldn’t be for him either.

<strong>Shaun Ryder chows down on... something unpleasant</strong>
Shaun Ryder chows down on... something unpleasant

“To me it just looks like they get a load of people with mental health issues and throw a shitload of booze in a house and let them all get at it,” he said, “It’s not for me.”

He did say he would “totally go back” to the ‘I’m A Celeb’ jungle if ITV bosses came knocking, despite claiming last year that he thought the show had been fixed in favour of eventual winner Stacey Solomon.

While we won’t be seeing Shaun throw on his dancing shoes any time soon, stars currently rumoured to be appearing in this year’s ‘Strictly’ include footballer Frank Lampard, record-breaking runner Paula Radcliffe and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

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