03/01/2017 12:25 GMT

Girl's Striped Crop Top Creates Optical Illusion On Twitter That Has People Baffled

We already have a contender for 2017's 'The Dress'.

A Forever 21 striped crop top looks set to become this year’s ‘The Dress’, after a photo of it made people on Twitter question reality.

The image was posted on Twitter by @mmmadelinee at the end of 2016 and thanks to the response it received, it became the basis of a Twitter moment created on Tuesday 3 January.

When you scroll past the photo on your Twitter feed it appears to be a regular striped top. But when you click on the image something strange happens right before your eyes.

Sometimes the top appears to have horizontal stripes, but at others the stripes change direction and run vertically or diagonally. 

People on Twitter were full of theories about what caused this optical illusion - and most were united by the idea it was definitely witchcraft - because, of course.


 See the full Twitter moment below:

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