14/06/2021 11:39 BST

Sunday Brunch Viewers Left Stunned By Seriously NSFW Subtitle Fail

We definitely weren't expecting an X-rated version of the Sunday Brunch theme tune as we tucked into our cornflakes.

Sunday Brunch found itself at the centre of a rather unfortunate subtitling fail over the weekend.

As regular viewers of the Channel 4 daytime show will know, Sunday Brunch opens with a catchy theme tune, the lyrics of which are: “The sun comes up. I fill my cup. I’m waking up to Sunday Brunch.”

So far, so family-friendly, right?

Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t quite the case for viewers tuning in with subtitles.

Instead they got the decidedly less suitable-for-daytime: “The sun comes up, I feel my cock, I’m waking up to Sunday Brunch.”

And the error most certainly didn’t go unnoticed, either:

But Sunday Brunch isn’t the only daytime show that has ended up broadcasting some NSFW language lately.

The following morning’s edition of Good Morning Britain saw Richard Madeley having to apologise when Harvey Price “inadvertently” swore live on air.

When a light reflector ended up falling on the 19-year-old and his mum in the middle of an interview, he was heard questioning: “What the fuck was that?”

Katie and Harvey Price being interviewed by Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid

At the end of the discussion, Richard told viewers: “We just have to very quickly say there was a little bit of inadvertent swearing earlier – it was completely inadvertent. If you were offended by it, obviously, we apologise. I think we can live with it.”

Susanna then questioned: “Was that you, Richard?”

“No it wasn’t me,” he said with a laugh. “Although I have done that. I have been known to do that.”

Sunday Brunch airs every Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4.