24/01/2017 16:27 GMT

Susanna Reid Defends Herself From Critics, After Piers Morgan Women's March Backlash

'I might be a feminist, but I'm not a superhero with miracle powers.'

Susanna Reid has hit back at critics, who have accused her of not doing enough to challenge her ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-host Piers Morgan, particularly in relation to his controversial comments about the Women’s March over the weekend.

Her comments came on Tuesday (24 January) morning, after Ewan McGregor pulled out of a planned interview on ‘GMB’, due to Piers’ criticism of the protest.

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Susanna Reid

She responded that Ewan’s no-show was a “shame”, adding: “[I] would have liked to see that debate on air - it’s an important one.”

Her response was met with a mixed reaction, though, with some agreeing that Ewan should have come on the show to put Piers in his place, and others accusing her of standing by her co-star.

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Piers and Susanna on 'GMB'

To her detractors, Susanna hit back with a series of posts, beginning: “I’m a feminist.

“#WomensMarch = powerful way to protest Trump’s comments & highlight issues. But @piersmorgan’s views are also widely held.”

As the debate continued in Susanna’s mentions, she concluded: “You know that feeling when you feel like you need more men telling you how to do your feminism right? No, me neither.”

Susanna previously clashed with Piers with his initial tweets over the weekend, with the two having starkly different views towards the protest, which followed Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.

As Piers blasted the “rabid feminists” taking part in the demonstration, she publicly berated him, asking: “You know you sit next to a feminist every morning, right?”

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