17/02/2018 22:09 GMT | Updated 17/02/2018 22:10 GMT

Swansea Earthquake: Best Reactions After Tremors Felt Across UK

'I survived the great Swansea earthquake 17/2/2018.'

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit south Wales on Saturday, causing tremors to be felt across western Britain.

The quake’s epicentre was 10km north east of Swansea, according to monitors EMSC

Yet while the earthquake came as a shock to many people, especially as it is the largest quake to hit the area since 1906, many were left feeling underwhelmed - with some even missing the tremors altogether.

Here are some of the best ways Brits reacted to today’s earthquake:

1. Spilled Roses 

2. ‘Send help’

3. Sheep down

4. RIP furniture

5. Spilled tea

6. Survivors T-shirts

7. It’s Brexit’s fault

The BGS said that about 3,000 events of this size take place every year.

Today’s earthquake was the “biggest onshore UK event in 10 years” and 8 million times smaller than the magnitude 9.0 in Japan in March 2011, the BGS said.

People reported feeling the tremor in Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea among other places, with the EMSC estimating 10 million people lived in the area where the quake could be felt.