Great British Bake Off’s Tamal Ray Has A New Show That’s Totally Grossing Everyone Out

From the 'Bake Off' tent to... placenta pills.

We were delighted when Great British Bake Off’s Tamal Ray returned to our screens on Monday (24 October) night, making his return thanks to Channel 4, but his latest venture has left some viewers feeling slightly... well, generally not great.

Now, it’s not that ‘Be Your Own Doctor’ wasn’t a brilliant, informative programme, but basically it’s grossed everyone out.

<strong>"And for this week's technical challenge..."</strong>
"And for this week's technical challenge..."
Channel 4

“But how?” you ask. The wellbeing show investigated some of the UK’s more unusual approaches to health, and one section, for example, took a nice, long look at whether eating placenta (at £200 a go) was actually good for you.

Naturally, Twitter was suitably pleased to see Tamal, and then surprised by what he and co-presenter Kate Quilton set to work investigating:

Monday’s show was a one-off pilot, and if it’s deemed a success, we could be seeing Tamal back on our screens again in the future.

He’s not the only star from 2015’s series of ‘Bake Off’ who has gone on to other exciting projects of course, as winner Nadiya Hussain has also made herself at home on the ‘Loose Women’ sofa and fronted her own (fabulously-titled) programme, ‘The Chronicles Of Nadiya’.


Edd Kimber (winner, 2010)

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