Terry's Chocolate Orange Has Shrunk And The World Can't Cope

'As if this year couldn't get any worse.'

Terry’s Chocolate Orange has shrunk by 10% and people aren’t happy.

It’s come to our attention that manufacturer Mondelez International has taken the 175g chocolate and reduced it to 157g.

Despite the beloved treat being 10% smaller than it was a year ago, in many shops the price is still the same, Metro reported.

Needless to say, a lot of people are devastated by the news.

John Giles/PA Archive

In response to the shrinkage, members of the public have created a Facebook page called ‘Mondelez are shrinking our Terry’s Chocolate Oranges,’ where they can go and have a moan.

While some have managed to see the plus side, saying the move will “make Christmas healthier”. Whatevs.

The general consensus so far is outrage and devastation.

What a terrible way to kick off #NationalChocolateWeek.

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