Tesla Model S Can Transform Into A 'Boat' Confirms Elon Musk


Tesla's Model S can do some very cool things, but this just about tops it.

A Model S owner from Kazahkstan has discovered the hard way that while normal cars will become stuck when submerged, the Model S does quite the opposite.

Stick the car into drive he discovered that for very brief periods of time the Model S can actually propel itself through the water just like a boat.

How? Well it's down to two very simple features which most combustion cars don't have.

For starters the battery and motors are completely sealed from the outside so there's very little risk of the water causing electrical failure.

Secondly a Model S doesn't need air which means there's no air intake, or exhaust for water to enter.

Mark Schiefelbein/AP

With those two elements in place it was simply a matter of using the wheels as a form of momentum.

Of course no roadgoing car should really be in contact with water to that degree so while the driver might have escaped unharmed there's nothing to say the car didn't suffer some other form of damage.

In case you're after an electric car that can work as a submarine don't panic, Elon Musk has claimed he's looking into it. Knowing Musk's track record for turning his ideas into reality we'd probably say you won't have to wait long either.

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