The Apprentice Accidentally Shows Man Lying On Boardroom Floor, And We Have A Lot Of Questions

What on earth was the unidentified gent doing on Lord Sugar's boardroom floor?

Any Apprentice fan will tell you that the boardroom showdowns are the most tense part of any episode, but this week’s instalment inadvertently featured a bit of comic relief.

Having faced off against Lord Sugar, hopeful Pamela Laird was seen leaving the boardroom, but as she held open the door, viewers couldn’t help but notice something unusual going on in the room behind her… a man lying down on the floor.

Yes, whether it was a crew member just having a bit of a rest or another of the candidates recovering from a dressing down from Lord Sugar, viewers watching along on Twitter had a lot of questions after spotting the mysterious gentleman in the background…

Sadly, even the BBC and production company Boundless couldn’t shed any light on the situation, offering no comment when contacted by HuffPost UK.

Meanwhile, the usually chatty Lord Sugar has also remained quiet on the matter on Twitter (though he did live-tweet this week’s episode).

Lord Sugar with this year's 16 candidates
Lord Sugar with this year's 16 candidates

The current series of The Apprentice has actually proved fairly controversial, as so far, of the seven candidates fired, six have been from BAME backgrounds.

Jemelin Artigas was the latest contestant to be shown the door, following this week’s task which saw the teams attempting to put together advertising campaigns about tourism in Finland.

There has also been a racism scandal involving candidate Lottie Lion, currently still in the competition, who was accused of writing “shut up Gandhi” to another contestant in a group WhatsApp conversation.

Lottie has insisted the comment was not racist, but rather inspired by a prior conversation about Gandhi within the group.

She insisted: “The comments were taken out of context, and I ask the public not to make judgment without knowing the full context. At the moment, I would like my focus to be on the show, and I’m not interested in negative media attention.”

The Apprentice airs every Wednesday night on BBC One.

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