18/10/2017 22:06 BST

The Apprentice’s Latest Fired Candidate Admits What Most Boardroom Casualties Won't

They're not exactly the most humble bunch, so this admission actually surprised us.

‘The Apprentice’ said goodbye to another candidate on Wednesday (18 October) night, when the boys team lost (yes, again) and the fired hopeful has spoken to HuffPost UK.

And in our chat - obviously, we’re about to name who left the show, so if you don’t know, look away now - Elliot Van Emden made the rare move of admitting it wasn’t his best week.

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The businessman, who earned the nickname ‘Tory boy’ on the show, accepted that project manager Michaela had a point when she suggested that he hadn’t done enough to help the team.

He told HuffPost UK: “I think that’s a fair criticism. I did what I was instructed to do by the project manager and I worked well with people on the team, they’d all agree with that….

“I think when I was in the boardroom, I was able to pinpoint the mistakes other people had made, but then when the mirror was reflected back at me, ‘well what have you done?’, I’d just done what I was told.”

Elliot also hinted that we may not have seen ‘the real him’ during the past three weeks, explaining: “It’s tricky because obviously you have 18 people that are there and everyone gets a certain amount of airtime. My skills are being able to argue in a boardroom and identify mistakes that other people are made…”

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“In ‘You’re Fired!’ you see the real me,” he said. “Which is just a chilled relaxed guy, enjoying life.

“On the show, there’s ‘Tory boy’ and all of that, people form opinions but not everybody fits into a particular box.”

So what’s next for Elliot? Well, don’t expect him to pop up on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. 

“I entered this process as a businessman, not to be famous,” he replied, when asked about potentially following in Karthik Nagesan’s footsteps. “I’ll listen to all opportunities and you never know what the future is going to hold but a career in reality TV is not really what I’m looking for.

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