09/02/2019 09:44 GMT | Updated 09/02/2019 09:44 GMT

The Chase Contestant Makes History With Biggest-Ever Win For Solo Player

She even got a standing ovation from The Vixen.

A contestant on The Chase has become the show’s biggest-ever winner after bagging a £70,000 prize pot. 

Player Judith even earned a standing ovation from her opponent The Vixen as she set the record on Friday’s edition of the ITV quiz show. 

Contestant Judith won £70,000 on The Chase

After an impressive game, Judith left the quiz expert - real name Jenny Ryan - with just one second to answer the remaining ten questions in the final round. 

Obviously unable to do so, Jenny was highly impressed at her competitor’s general knowledge.

Getting on her feet, The Vixen said: “Wow, what a high-class quizzer Judith is. She killed me on the push-backs.

“I have never done this before but I have to give you a standing ovation. That was incredible.”

The record-breaking win also won a standing ovation from The Vixen

Host Bradley Walsh also described Judith’s win as “extraordinary”, adding: “I’ve never known anything like it. And I’ve been doing this show 60 or 70 years!”

After the show aired, Jenny took to social media to once again praise Judith. 

She wrote on Twitter: “ALL HAIL JUDITH! If I remember correctly, Judith was a standby contestant, and only found out she was on the show 24 hours before recording. I was well and truly beaten. #TheChase.

“Then capitalised on my errors by nailing pushbacks - which further put the time pressure on me, leading to more errors. #TheChase.

She added: “It would be a very boring show if us Chasers won every time! We actually love it when great quizzers get on the show, we love a challenge! #TheChase.”

Judith isn’t the only impressive player to appear on The Chase of late, though. 

Last month saw one contestant bank £20,000 despite only getting one question right

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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