30/09/2018 22:00 BST

'The Cry' Episode 1 Review: 8 Burning Questions We Have After Jenna Coleman's New BBC Drama Begins

Our brains hurt.

To be honest, we’re not really sure where to even begin with this one. 

‘The Cry’ began on BBC One on Sunday night ,and we have no other way of describing it than a complete and utter mindfuck.

Starring Jenna Coleman as new mother Joanna, this psychological thriller focuses on the disappearance of her son - although that’s something that only becomes apparent in the closing moments of the first episode. 


The series jumps between numerous points in time, encompassing Joanna’s relationship with partner Alistair, their subsequent parenthood, and their trip to Australia, where Alistair visits to fight for custody of his daughter Chloe. 

But then, it’s also set against the backdrop of a seemingly present-day court case, involving Joanna, interspersed with therapy sessions indicating she is not of sound mind. 

To put it mildly, there is a lot to take in. So as you can imagine, it’s left us with some questions...

What has Joanna been arrested for?

By the end of the episode, everyone is probably assuming Joanna’s arrest has got something to do with her son’s abduction, but could it also be related to something we haven’t actually yet seen? Could she have killed her husband? Or has she murdered her own son?

Does Alistair’s ex wife Alex have something to do with his child going missing?

In something that gave us an odd sense of foreboding, Alex told Joanna on the phone: “Can you imagine having your child taken away from you?”

Call us suspicious, but the shot of her car boot lingered for a little too long, and someone definitely wanted us to notice those pair of blue gardening gloves.


Why has Chloe been hitting her teachers?

Is Alex and Alistair’s daughter being set up as a potential suspect in her half-brother’s disappearance by the revelation she has been physically abusing her teachers at school?

Why did the house flick from being empty to full?

In a scene that appeared to be unconnected to any other, Joanne and Alistair’s house suddenly went from being empty and abandoned to full. Does this indicate that perhaps nothing is as it seems?

Was the psychologist telling the truth in court?

Joanna’s therapist ruled she was of sound enough mind to understand what was going on in court, but she seemed to be far from OK to us, especially with all the talk of “two Joannas”. Has the therapist got an ulterior motive for lying to the judge?


Is Joanna suffering from postpartum psychosis?

Whether Joanna had something to do with her son’s disappearance or not, it  was clear to see she was struggling with motherhood prior to his kidnap. With her now displaying worrying behaviour in her therapy session and in court, would this all be explained by her having the condition? 

Was the TV show scene real or one of Joanna’s fantasies?

The episode closed with Joanna getting ready for a TV appearance with Alistair, and as they walked on set, he asked her if she was going to cry. The whole scene seemed to be one of her “two Joanna fantasies”, but it could also be that they really were on the show to appeal for information about their missing son.

But if it was real, why would he be asking her to cry? And what did she mean when she referred to it as a “freak show”?

Sorry, but how did Joanne’s friend get served so quickly in that café?

She may have only ordered a turkey salad and a latté, but no food in any place we’ve eaten lately has appeared with such speed. 

‘The Cry’ continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.