This Woman's Bag Could Be The New #TheDress

Is it blue, or is it white?

The Internet is up in arms once again about what colour something really is... and this time it’s a handbag.

Twitter user Taylor Corso posted a photo of her new Kate Spade bag and immediately received replies about how great her new “white” bag was.

Corso corrected them, saying that the bag was actually blue - which led to an online saga reminiscent of the whole #TheDress debacle.

Some people really, really thought it was white.

And other people swore blind it was blue.

Then everyone started losing their minds.

And getting pretty adamant it was white.

Serious sleuths did their best detective work to try and figure it out.

But they still couldn’t agree.

Corso tried to end the confusion by posting a screenshot of the website she bought her bag from. See? “Colour: Mystic Blue”.

But the debate still didn’t stop and eventually she got pretty sick of all the people Tweeting her.

To shine the spotlight on a more important cause, Corso also shared a link to the fundraising campaign she’s currently working on for a diabetes charity.

She really does have a point... (p.s. it’s definitely blue).

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