04/10/2016 10:19 BST

‘The Grand Tour’ Presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond And James May Take James Corden On The Ride Of His Life During Racing Quiz


James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series has been given a high-octane twist for his latest car-themed skit on ‘The Late Late Show’.

The relatively calm streets of LA are swapped for the Willow Springs Race Course in the Mojave desert, and instead of the likes of Adele or Justin Bieber escorting him on his drive to work, he’s let Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in the driving seat.

The ‘Grand Tour’ presenting trio were set the challenge of doing one lap of the course in the fastest time. So far, so ‘Top Gear’.

So to mix things up, and to see if men really can multi-task, James fired general knowledge questions at them as they sped around the desert.


Not only do we get to see who would do well on ‘The Chase’, but we also get a few more insights, like who is Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite member of One Direction, as well as James May’s favourite sexual position.

All essential things to know, we think you’ll agree.

We’re not sure James Corden really thought through what he was getting himself into, as he’s looking decidedly green after three high speed laps, but at least Richard Hammond didn’t crash (the first time he hasn’t, he reveals to a much-relieved James).

But who wins? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.


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