13/02/2017 13:05 GMT

'The Jump': This Video Of A Snow Cross Race Sums Up Why It's The Most Ridiculous Show On TV

Screaming, celebrities falling over and a shock winner. This video truly has everything.

There’s been a lot of criticism of ‘The Jump’ over the past few weeks - specifically around how dangerous it is for the celebrities who sign up for the show. 

But despite the controversy, we’re grateful to still have it on our screens, mainly because it serves up moments of TV gold like this. 

Lydia Bright, Emma Parker-Bowles and Kadeena Cox took part in a snow cross race during Sunday (12 February) night’s live show, and let’s just say it didn’t go exactly to plan.

As the trio took on the course, there was screaming, some comedy falls and a shock winner - it really did have everything.

Despite insisting she was terrified of the snow cross, Lydia somehow managed to win the race, after both Kadeena and Emma suffered numerous falls on their way down. 

As the ‘TOWIE’ star flew past them, the pair fell just metres before the finish line, desperately scrabbling to make it to the end. 

Channel 4
Emma and Kadeena didn't have the best luck in the snow cross event

With a photo finish in the end, it was later revealed it was Kadeena who took second place, meaning Emma would have to face the dreaded titular ‘Jump’.

This series of ‘The Jump’ hasn’t been without its injuries, as Vogue Williams was forced to pull out of the show before it had even begun.

Sir Bradley Wiggins has also announced he is withdrawing from the Channel 4 series, after fracturing a bone in his leg. 

‘The Jump’ continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 4. 

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