20/09/2018 15:32 BST | Updated 21/09/2018 09:53 BST

The New 'Doctor Who' Trailer Is Out, And Jodie Whittaker Is Showing Us Who's Boss

We're here for it.

It’s finally here.

After what seems like light years of waiting (ok light years are a unit of distance, not time, but you get the picture), we’ve finally got a proper peek of the new incarnation of the Doctor, and she’s getting up to as much action and adventure as ever.

After already having smashed a literal glass ceiling – before saying “whoops” – the new hot-off-the-press trailer sees Jodie Whittaker taking on the galaxy, and showing anyone who questions her who’s boss.

Bringing us the first ever female Doctor this year, the BBC did receive a smattering of backlash (gender-blind casting in 2018? Heaven forbid). But there is perhaps a subtle message to those who opposed her landing the role in the new preview.

During a moment of crisis, we see a man ask a member of the Doctor’s team: “Why are you asking her?”

To which the Doctor’s companion says: “Because she’s in charge, bro.”

“Says who?” replies the man we’ve just met, but already know we hate.

“Says us,” the group chimes in unison.

This is just the kind of feminist undertone we love to see – and we’re excited to find out where they take it throughout the series.

In terms of tangible information, however, we don’t really get much info about the plot of this series – it seems they’re keeping very tight-lipped. But from our count of sci-fi action trailer tropes, we can see that things will definitely be happening.

The clip contains...

Dreamy, most likely high budget space landscapes: 8

Space guns: 4

“Boo!”: 2

Jodie running from explosions: 2

Miscellaneous running: 7

Walking to an unspecified location, but like, walking with purpose: 6

Wherever you’re walking, Jodie, we’ll walk with you.

The new series of ‘Doctor Who’ launches on Sunday 7 October on BBC One.

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