14/02/2017 16:54 GMT

Concepts For The Next Generation Formula E Cars Look Incredible

We can't wait to see the finished product.

Spark Racing Technology has once again won the tender to develop the chassis for Formula E cars.

Somewhere between a Formula One and Le Mans car, SRT’s concept for the second generation of electric racers is more striking than either. 

Spark Racing Technology

But the cars don’t just look good; they also have a significant advantage over their predecessors.

Drivers currently have to switch car halfway through each race as battery power dwindles, but the new cars are set to boast a much longer range, the Verge reported.

An SRT statement said: “We will design a new chassis including a new battery tech that will be heavier. In order to gain 10% weight, we are working on new innovating solutions using new materials so the cars can be more efficient and we also have to focus on new developments to keep the drivers safe.”

The new vehicles will be rolled out in the 2018-19 season. BMW, Faraday Future, Mercedez-Benz are all lined up to take part.

Spark Racing Technology
Spark Racing Technology
Spark Racing Technology