The Times Tried To Explain Grime Artist Stormzy's Lyrics To Their Readers And It Was Hilarious

Basically describing grime to the Waitrose audience.

One of the key skills of a journalist is to explain concepts to people who might not normally be exposed to certain aspects of a story.

The Times made an effort on Wednesday to explain the lyrics of grime artist Stormzy to their pomme lyonnaise loving, largely middle class readership.

They did an excellent job of it, but it’s hard not to giggle at the phrase “pengtings means beautiful women”.

The article was referencing a collaborative video featuring Stormzy and footballer Paul Pogba which was made to celebrate the French athlete’s return to Manchester United.

The midfielder received a hero’s welcome upon signing up for a return to Old Trafford, having made his name at Juventus after a quiet 2011-2012 season with United.

He was re-signed by Manchester United this week for a record £89 million. He previously left Old Trafford for £1.5 million in 2012.

The signing, made by seasoned manager Jose Mourinho, has surpassed the record set by Welshman Gareth Bale when he was purchased by Real Madrid for £85 million in 2013.