22/05/2017 21:39 BST | Updated 23/05/2017 09:38 BST

Tory Attempts To Distract From Theresa May's 'Painful' Andrew Neil Interview Backfire

Twitter income tax attack called a 'lie' by Labour.

Theresa May has been interviewed for half-an-hour by journalist Andrew Neil on BBC One, and most agreed it was a proper grilling.

But in another world, Theresa May was doing pretty well.

These were the tweets from Conservative Cabinet ministers and senior Tories during the inquisition, renewing many of the tropes that have marked the party’s election messaging. 

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appeared to be playing Tory Election Campaign Bingo ...

... marking off ‘strong and stable’, Brexit fears and the threat of Jeremy Corbyn.

Twitter was alive to the ‘select all-copy-paste’ antics.

Compare and contrast ...


But one appeared to go too far ...

It was immediately called out by Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson as a ‘lie’.


Others made a similar point.


Ex-Labour leader and recently anointed ‘King of Zing’ Ed Miliband spoke as he found.

Labour has been explicit in not raising income tax for low earners, opting instead for a raid on wealthier people. 

This from the Labour manifesto.

Labour Party

Only a story in the Sunday Telegraph referring to Labour having “discussed at least nine other tax rises that would ensnare virtually all working people” is increasing the basic rate of income tax to 25p mentioned.