02/05/2017 22:32 BST | Updated 02/05/2017 22:33 BST

Theresa May Mocked For Eating Chips, And Ed Miliband Feels Her Pain

Ex-Labour leader turns bacon sandwich trauma into a zinger.

Who’d be a politician? Theresa May perhaps should have been aware of the dangers of eating food while on the campaign trail as she tucked in to a cone of chips during a visit to a seaside constituency.

During a walkabout in Mevagissey on the north Cornwall coast, the PM was snapped tucking in to the salty snack.

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It didn’t look the most comfortable of experiences.


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 As social media was anxious to point out.

Sky News’s Political Editor Faisal Islam played it straight.

It all looked rather familiar, a politician being rinsed out while failing to look normal ...

The Sun

Ah yes, the photograph of Ed Miliband chomping on a bacon sandwich that became one of the iconic images of the 2015 election campaign, and was even splashed on front page of the anti-Miliband The Sun the day before voting.

The comparison was obvious to many.

Others got angry about it.

Two years on, however, and the backbench MP seems to have developed an admirable level of perspective given the image’s damaging impact.

And it was arguably one of two occasions today when the former Cabinet minister won Twitter.

Well played, sir.