Theresa May Describes Husband Philip As Her 'Rock' Amid Brexit Turmoil

“It’s hugely important to have somebody there who is supportive of you," PM says.
Theresa May has described her banker husband Philip as a 'rock'.
Theresa May has described her banker husband Philip as a 'rock'.

Prime Minister Theresa May has spoken lovingly of her husband Philip as the Conservative Party continues to row over her draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

As May faced resignations, threats of a coup and personal attacks over her Brexit deal, her husband of 38 years was on hand this week to provide much-needed moral support, she revealed in an interview.

After May returned to the Downing Street flat following Wednesday’s fiery five-hour Cabinet meeting, the first thing her husband did was pour her a whisky, the PM revealed.

“On Thursday, he served up beans on toast for tea,” she told the Daily Mail. “I opened the tin! He made the toast - and did the washing up!”

May’s comments came as Andrea Leadsom, the Commons leader, said on Saturday there is still time for “more to be done” on the Brexit deal.

Leadsome, a Brexiteer, said she supports the Prime Minister but suggested there is an opportunity before a special European Council meeting on November 25 to get “the best possible deal for the UK”.

Brexiteers vying to oust May were warned earlier their efforts could drive Remain-voting Tories to attempt to stop Brexit entirely.

In a sign the Tory civil war over Brexit is not slowing down, Middle East Minister Alistair Burt warned rebels the “consensus” that pro-EU MPs should reluctantly respect the 2016 referendum result could break down if she is toppled.

But with a furious backlash against May over her Brexit plan - and demands for a no-confidence vote against her - it was her husband Philip who could not help but feel the hurt of the situation too, May admitted.

“It’s often harder for the other half because they are watching it and feel protective and think ‘Why are they saying that to my wife?’,” she added in the Mail interview.

“He is my rock,” she said.

“It’s hugely important to have somebody there who is supportive of you, not involved in the intricacies of politics but there to provide human support.”

It is Philip who urges her to keep going, she added, as he encourages her to “keep doing the right thing”.

The couple were married in 1980 after meeting as students at Oxford University. They were introduced at a Conservative Association dance by the late Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto.