Theresa May's First PMQs, Without The Shouting

May vs. Corbyn

The winds of change are blowing in British politics, and this week’s PMQs is Theresa May’s first as Prime Minister.

Things started off just as expected...

Former bigwigs were spotted sitting in the back

May managed to slip in a couple of little digs at Labour straight away

Jeremy Corbyn asked May to strive for a new kind of PMQs

Before questioning her appointment of new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson despite his previous controversies

Which the new PM dodged quickly

And went on to totally obliterate Jeremy Corbyn over the turmoil in the Labour Party when he asked about job security

Even Labour’s backbenchers were taking digs at their leader

All in all, many felt she was at home behind the despatch box for PMQs

But she wasn’t without her critics...