These Stories Of Mums Supporting Mums Show The Undeniable Power Of Kindness

All hail the sisterhood 👭

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference – especially as a new mum.

On Twitter, women have been sharing stories of when fellow mothers and other strangers went out of their way to help them during a tough day.

It started when author Amanda Jennings tweeted to thank a woman who comforted her 21 years ago, when she was sobbing in hospital after giving birth.

Her tweet received thousands of likes, and she had hundreds of responses from women who could completely relate.

Their wonderful tales speak for themselves:

‘She made me less afraid’

‘I think about it so often’

‘She told me not to worry’

‘You’re doing such a good job’

‘They said I was doing a great job when I really felt I wasn’t’

‘Utter, utter kindness’

‘She started unloading the buggy’

’A new coffee was placed on my table’