08/05/2017 17:17 BST | Updated 08/05/2017 17:39 BST

16 Things Everyone Thinks When They Find Their First Grey Hair

Not today world.

Everyone remembers their first time. That fateful day when you spot a grey hair and your life flashes before your very eyes.

You thought it would never happen. But fight as you may, you always knew this was inevitable and will finally have to accept your fate as an old fart.

Here are the 16 things that everyone thinks when they find their first grey hair.

1. Noticing that random blonde hair lying on your head.

2. Realising that hair is actually attached to your scalp. 

3. Choking because that blonde colour is actually grey.

4. Being baffled that this happened without your consent.

5. Feeling personally victimised by your own hair. 

6. Questioning how this has managed to grow to full maturity without you noticing. 

7. Wondering which of your traitorous friends had seen it and not mentioned it. 

8. Knowing this is worse than the time a hair grew out of your chin.

9. Wanting to pluck it and pretend it never happened.

10. Worrying a hundred more will grow in its place. 

11. Googling *buying shares in hair dye*.

12. Considering phoning your grandma for hair styling advice.

13. Thinking you’ve hardly lived. 

14. Failing to understand why you ever considered dyeing your hair grey as a trend.

15. Cursing everyone who ever caused undue stress in your life.

16. Guessing this means you are officially old.