9 Things Not To Say To People Going Through IVF

Have you tried having sex?

Going through IVF treatment can be one of the most draining things you could possibly do, emotionally and physically.

And while the end results are more than worth it, the whole process is made needlessly more difficult by having to field a bombardment of stupid comments and questions by other people who think you just don’t understand how to conceive a baby.

While it might be difficult to appreciate what the process is like unless you’ve been through it, here are nine questions we can all definitely blacklist from any future conversations about IVF.

1. Have you tried naturally first?

2. Why didn’t you just adopt?

3. Oh I couldn’t do that, I don’t like needles.

4. How much is that costing you?

5. You’re lucky you can afford to have IVF.

6. Does this mean you’ll definitely have twins or triplets?

7. Are you worried about your baby’s future health?

8. Do you feel like they are really yours?

9. Have you considered that maybe you weren’t meant to be a parent?

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images