9 Things All Parents Do When Their Children Aren't At Home

Sleep. All the sleep.

Every parent knows that a moment to yourself is the holy grail of parenting.

Now Reddit parents are sharing the things they get up to when their children are out of the house. As always, it’s about the simple things...

1. Sleep

“Sleep. Holy s**t, two toddlers right now. I feel like haven’t slept in three years.”

2. Loud sex and junk food.

“Sex and junk food. That’s what their dad and I do on date nights.”

3. Ice cream.

“Eat ice cream without sharing. Straight out of the container too.”

4. Go to the supermarket.

“Wife and I had a rare date night a few months ago. We had an early dinner out, with drinks afterwards, and then went on a Target run, naturally. There really is something to be said about shopping without kids.”

5. Drink a coffee when it is still hot.

“Watch whatever the f I want, while drinking a HOT cup of coffee.”

6. Not watch Paw Patrol

“Goddamn f**king paw patrol. Sometimes I look up and realise the kids have left the room and I’m sitting there watching it by myself.”

7. Have a lie in.

“I’ve heard sleeping past six a.m. is nice.”

8. Swear without consequence.

“Swear in conversation or when I step on another FUCKING LEGO.”

9. Just enjoy the silence.

“Enjoy silence, then wish my kid was home to make noise.”